Welcome to our online faculty development course! This overview is part of the three-course orientation program that every new faculty member should complete.

Rod Nairn, UC Denver Provost, introduces you to the course.

This 45-minute course will enhance your teaching and research. To do that we will overview UCD's:

  • Technical support for computing, research, and textbook ordering;
  • Instructional support to help you teach and assess your students;
  • Student support for your students to succeed in and out of class;
  • Peer support for your research and creative works;
  • Policies and resources that underlie all these support forms.

We'll cover each topic in a brief module, complete with practice items for you to solve. Now, let's start the course.

What do you think?

Of the 1,314,506 faculty members at colleges that provided financial aid in fall 2005, what percentage were in part-time positions?

18.4% 23.8% 39.2% 47.5%

Source: Inexorable March to a Part-time Faculty. Inside Higher Education, March 28, 2007.